Car Insurance Premiums Continue Upwards

As an owner of a campervan it is quite likely that you also have a car that you use on a daily basis. As a result, you will possibly have the expense of insuring both vehicles. You will no doubt find it of interest to read that the average cost of insuring a car has continued to rise throughout last year. 

This probably does not come as a surprise to readers when you consider the difficult financial climate the UK is in at the moment. After all, most things appear to be going up in price so why should it come as a surprise to find that the cost of insuring your car has also risen.

If car insurance premiums have been on the increase then it is quite likely that campervan insurance premiums have also been going in an upward direction.

Unfortunately, we are not talking about modest increases in premiums based upon figures produced in the Car Insurance Price Index that is published on a quarterly basis. For instance, the average car insurance premium at the end of the 4th quarter of 2022 was £629 per annum with this being a huge increase of £100 per annum when compared with 12 months ago. That is a rise of 19%.

It is the young driver who tends to pay more to insure his or her car. For instance, an 18 year old pays an average of £1,715 per annum with this being £307 per annum more than he or she was being charged a year ago – a rise of 22%. Compare that with a 30 year old motorist who paid an average of £851 per annum to insure his or her car and a 65 year old driver paying an average of £385 per annum. Statistically, a younger driver is more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident.

London is renowned as an expensive place to live and car insurance bears this out with the most expensive region in the UK to insure a car being Inner London. Premium averaged £1,008 per annum with this being £183 per annum more than 12 months ago – a rise of 22%.

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