Have You Reviewed Your Campervan Insurance Premiums?

If it is that time of year when you have received an email or letter through your letter box letting you know that your campervan insurance is coming up for renewal in the next few weeks then you may be well advised to check what your new premium is going to be if the data contained in the Confused.com Car Insurance Price Index is concerned. Although the index relates to car insurance it could possibly be that a similar thing has been happening to the cost of insuring a campervan.

In the second quarter of 2022 the average amount being charged by car insurance providers to insure that type of vehicle was £554 per annum. A year later and the average premium has risen by £222 per annum to £776 per annum. That is a record high for such cover here in the UK.

If a similar pattern is being seen with campervan insurance then this will concern an awful lot of people as many will not only be responsible for insuring a car but also a campervan.

Many people here in the UK are struggling financially due to increased domestic expenditure with such things as rent, mortgage payments, food and utility bills on the rise. So, the prospect of having to fork out more to insure their leisure vehicle as well as a car is going to be daunting for many people.

So, what can you do to try to soften the blow? There are quite a lot on insurance companies providing cover for campervans so why not shop around to see if you can get the cover cheaper elsewhere. You will be pleased to read that we provide access to a panel of well-known providers of campervan insurance so how about getting in touch with us to give us the opportunity to see if we can help save you some money.   


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