Car Insurance Costs On The Increase

Nobody likes to see their domestic expenditure go up especially at the moment with inflation so high here in the UK. So, it is concerning to read that, according to a quarterly report produced by the price comparison website, the average amount motorists are paying for their car insurance rose in the second quarter of 2022.

In quarter 2 of this year the average amount paid for car insurance amounted to £554 per annum. This was £32 more than a year ago and in the space of a quarter premiums rose by £4 per annum on average.

Of course, if the cost of car insurance increases, it does not mean to say that the amount you pay for your campervan insurance or indeed your motorhome cover will also go up but it will not be surprising if this has happened. As campervan owners will often also own a car this would be a “double whammy”.  

There are so many things that impact upon how much you pay for your cover such as where you live and your age. Regrettably, for those campervan owners who live in Inner London, then he or she is paying more for their car cover on average than anywhere else within the UK. Premiums for those in that region pay an average of £882 per annum. If you happen to live in Outer London then the average premium in Q2 of 2022 was £704 per annum. If you live in the west Midlands then the average premium for car insurance was £659 per annum.

As a rough rule of thumb, the older you are the cheaper the cost of insurance your motorcar. For instance, a 68 year old paid an average of £312 per annum in the 2nd quarter of this year whilst a 30 year old an average of £738 per annum. If you happen to be 18 then you may be in for a bit of a shock as the average premium was £1,453 per annum.

If your campervan insurance is coming up for renewal or you are buying your first campervan then feel free to make contact with us to obtain a quotation for such cover.


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