Tips When Purchasing A Used Campervan

A benefit of buying a used campervan over a new one is that you will no doubt save some money as far as the asking price is concerned but there are some things that you will need to consider before handing over your hard earned money. Below we list just some of those things to think about.

How much do you have available to spend on a second hand campervan?

How are you going to fund the purchase i.e. cash or finance?

Don’t be concerned about haggling over the asking price. The seller will probably be expecting you to do so and may have added a bit onto the price because of this.

You will need to take into account how many people will be accommodated in your campervan i.e. is it for you and your partner or do you also have a couple of children who will be coming with you. This will affect the size of campervan and the layout inside the vehicle.

Make sure that you take the campervan for a test drive along various road surfaces – don’t just drive it in the dealer’s tarmacked smooth forecourt but take it out on the public roads including going over speed bumps.

Bring along a mechanic to look over the vehicle to make sure that it is mechanically sound.

Look very carefully over both the exterior and interior of the bodywork looking out for any dents.

Check for damp using the services of a professional if you feel it necessary.

Make sure that the gas and electric are working and there are no split pipes. Also check that the likes of the cooker, hob, microwave and fridge are in working order and are clean.

Make sure that the pop-up roof is functioning correctly.

Test the mattress and all the seating and that there are no rips or stains.

Is everything in the cloakroom as it should be i.e. working toilet etc.

Hopefully the above list will prove of benefit to you when considering buying a used campervan.


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