Insuring A Car Continues To Get More Expensive

If you have a campervan then it is quite possible that you will also own a car and therefore have to insure both vehicles. If this is the case then you will be disappointed to read that the average amount paid by motorists to insure their cars has gone up in Q3 of 2022 with this happening in every quarter so far this year. If car insurance premiums have risen then it is quite possible that so have campervan cover premiums. 

In Q1 of 2022 the average premium paid for car insurance amounted to £550 per annum.

In Q2 of 2022 the average amount paid for car insurance amounted to £554 per annum.

In Q3 of 2022 the average amount paid for insuring a car totalled £586 per annum.

The above figures are mentioned in the Car Insurance Price Index.

We are sure that you will agree it is concerning to see premiums rising throughout 2022 especially when you consider that so many other household bills have been going up. The cost of food in shops has been increasing as have mortgage repayments and domestic fuel bills.

There are probably a significant number of people either buying a new or used campervan for the first time. If you are one of these people then why not shop around for your campervan insurance as there are a number of providers of such insurance. A popular way of doing this is through one or more price comparison websites or specialist insurers that can be found on the Internet. It is a quick and simple process to do this and you are under no obligation.

Why not contact us today and we will do all that we can to help you obtain competitive cover to insure your campervan as we provide access to an extensive panel of very reputable insurance companies. We very much look forward to being of assistance.


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