Taking Care Of Your Campervan In The Winter

Most owners of campervans tend not to use them over the winter period preferring to venture out in them in the warmer weather. So what should you do with your campervan at this time of year to look after it?

It is likely that you will store your campervan either on your drive at home or, if you can afford to, take it to a secure storage facility. Wherever it is stored it is probably going to be left outside.

Yu should consider covering the vehicle with a purpose made cover to help protect it against the elements. However, before doing so, make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and polished both inside and outside to protect the paintwork and maintain the fabric etc inside the campervan. Potentially, this will help with its value.  

You should make sure that the water is drained out of the system that provides water to any taps and the shower if you have one. Leave the taps on once the water has been drained.

Make sure that the fridge is emptied and thoroughly cleaned and then turned off when not in use,

You should consider investing in the likes of a steering wheel lock and a wheel lock to deter a campervan thief.

Make sure that there is an adequate level of anti-freeze and windscreen washer fluid in the campervan to avoid them freezing in the winter months.

Take your campervan out for a drive for a few miles whilst it is off the road to ensure that no mechanical parts cease up.

You may wish to remove the leisure battery whilst the vehicle is in storage and charge it up prior to using the campervan again. You should consider removing the gas cylinder.

Rather than leaving the hand brake on whilst your campervan is being stored use chocks on the wheels.

Make sure the fuel tank is full.

We do hope that the above is of some help to you.


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