Repairs To A Lot Of Roads In England Could Be Needed ASAP

If you own a campervan or even rent one then you will no doubt spend some time each year driving on many of our roads here in England when enjoying a much needed break or holiday. There aren’t many days when you probably don’t have to take some sort of evasive action to avoid a hole of some kind in the road. If you end up going over the hole with one of your campervans tyres then it could feel so severe that you end up pulling over to make sure there is no damage to the tyre.

There seems to be an increasing number of hold ups on our roads with road works being carried out so the following figures may come as a surprise to you. The Department of Transport recently published the “Road conditions in England to March 2022” report that reveals some very interesting statistics about the state of our roads here in England.

For instance, it indicated that the following percentages of roads might need maintenance work undertaking as soon as possible. 6% of B and C roads, 7% of major A roads, 4% of motorways, 4% of local A roads and 15% of unassigned roads. That is more than a third of roads in England.

Most drivers end up driving on most of the above types of roads and owners of campervans are no different. If you live in say Stoke on Trent and are going to spend a week on holiday in say Devon or Cornwall then you are likely to use the likes of the M6 and M5 motorway and the A38 or A30 that are major A roads and a number of local A, B and C roads plus unassigned roads in your campervan.

Let us hope that the roads in England and elsewhere in the UK that require repairs are brought up to the required standard as quickly as possible.


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