Is This A Cheaper Alternative To A Campervan?

Buying a new campervan involves a considerable financial outlay and in the current economic climate there may be some people who decide to either put such a purchase on hold or perhaps buy a second hand campervan. Well, you may like to consider an alternative that may work out a bit cheaper when comparing new vehicles.

You may wish to take a look at a Dacia Jogger as this has an optional extra called the Sleep Pack. The pack enables you to turn the inside rear of the vehicle into a bedroom that can sleep two people.

The double bed is contained within a 220 litre storage box that weighs under 50kg and it fits in the back of the vehicle with the third row of seats having been removed to accommodate the storage box. Apparently, it only takes a couple of minutes to unfold the double bed and you are almost ready for a great night’s sleep.

There is around 60cm of headroom available so hopefully you won’t be banging your head if you have to get up suddenly during the night. 

Another option to consider buying if you feel that you need more sleeping capacity is a tent that connects to the rear of the Dacia Jogger.

Blackout blinds are also available for all the windows to provide some privacy.

It is hoped that the above will be available in the not too distant future.

It will be interesting to see how much interest there is in the above optional extra in the coming months. After all, there are an awful lot more people here in the UK who, following the outbreak of COVID, decided to take holidays and short breaks in the UK rather than travel overseas.

If the above is of interest to you then you may wish to do your own further research and perhaps get in contact with a dealer who sells the new Dacia Jogger.


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