Campervan Hire In The UK In 2023

You may be aware that there was a rise in the number of people deciding to remain in the UK to enjoy a holiday when it came to choosing their holiday destination post COVID-19 as opposed to getting on a plane and jetting off to somewhere warmer and sunnier. Holidaymakers will have made that decision for one or more reasons.

A number of those people will have decided to rent the likes of a holiday chalet or stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel here in the UK but some will have decided to rent a campervan and take advantage of the freedom such a holiday offers. As a result, it is believed that there was an increase in the number of requests made to campervan rental companies here in the UK for people to enjoy domestic holidays.

In the main, things have returned to normal around the world with the easing/removing of restrictions relating to the coronavirus. Whilst more people are now planning a holiday this year to travel overseas whether that is by plane to the likes of Greece and Cyprus or catching a car/passenger ferry to the likes of France there are probably going to be a significant number of people who, having got the taste for holidaying in a campervan in the UK, prefer to continue enjoying that type of holiday.

Therefore, it is quite possible that businesses that hire out campervans to be used by people wanting either a short break or a one or two week’s holiday within the UK could find themselves particularly busy this year despite the current economic climate here in the UK.

So, if you are considering hiring out a campervan to enjoy a break in the UK, you might find that prices are quite high due to the possible demand. Campervan hire companies may feel that they can charge more than in the past if they are receiving increased interest from people here in the UK.

If you do end up renting a campervan then we hope that you enjoy the time spent in it.


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