More Stopover Locations Needed For Campervans

A large number of owners of campervans prefer to plan ahead when deciding where to spend the night whilst enjoying a well-earned break. The popular choice of the majority of campervan enthusiasts is to stay at a campsite. However there are some who prefer to make such a decision in the latter part of the day and just pull over in the vicinity of where they have got to.

That may seem fine but, as you will know, you can’t just pull over in your campervan in any layby or on the side of the road thinking that you can just park up for the night and get the barbecue out along with the camping table and chairs. You need to make sure that you are permitted to do so.

Whilst it would be lovely to park in an area overlooking a wonderful beach and to wake up to the sound of the waves breaking as the tide comes in you do not want to park illegally and end up getting prosecuted. If you are into wild camping you cannot just pull over for the night in a remote area to spend the night without permission.

If there is no sign at the location either telling you that you are not allowed to park your leisure vehicle their or that it is fine to do so subject to certain restrictions then you really ought to get the permission of the landowner.

You will be pleased to hear that if you check on the likes of Google there are one or more websites that provide a list of such stopovers around the UK. Yes, this may involve doing a bit of planning before heading off on your much needed short break but at least you will know that you are hopefully not going to be stuck for somewhere to park up for the night as darkness falls.

You are probably aware if you have read some news articles on the Internet that it would appear more stopover locations are needed for the likes of campervans and motorhomes. After all, due to the pandemic there are a growing number of people wanting to enjoy this sort of break.


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