What Driving License Is Required To Drive A Campervan In The UK?

If you are considering buying or indeed hiring a campervan to either take away in the UK for a weekend break or perhaps a two week family holiday then there are a number of things you will need to think of. Perhaps rather surprisingly, very few people think of what type of driving license is required to drive a campervan around the UK especially if you are purchasing such a leisure vehicle.

Of course, if you are hiring a campervan then the hire company will want to see your license so they will quickly let you know if the one you possess is suitable or unsuitable.

So, what type of driving license is required to drive a campervan on your own in the UK? Well, as long as the campervan does not exceed 3.5 tonnes then a full Class B driving license will be fine. Basically, just like for a car. However if the weight of the campervan is between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes then a full Class C driving license is required.  

You will no doubt find that the majority of campervans here in the UK are going to be up to 3,5 tonnes in weight although you may sometimes come across a campervan that weighs more than that amount. This will no doubt please you to read as it is something less to have to concern yourself with.

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