Purchasing A Campervan At An Auction

This is possibly a good time to considering buying a used campervan as you may be able to pick up a bit of a bargain. After all, the main summer season is over so there will be fewer people out and about in their leisure vehicles and some may have decided that, perhaps because of their age, it is time to give up such breaks or holidays.

As you will know, there are numerous places in which you can buy a campervan including leisure vehicle dealers, from a private seller and also at an auction.

The latter option may present you with an opportunity to find yourself a bit of a bargain. The perception of some is that there are a lot on campervans sold at auction that are perhaps not what they are made out to be but that need not necessarily be the case. There are many such vehicles sold by legitimate dealers and also finance companies that have had to repossess a campervan.

If you have no experience of buying a campervan at auction then you may wish to think about attending a few auctions to get an idea of what goes on.

If you are not mechanically minded then why not take someone along who is to check over the vehicle.

Get top the auction well in advance of the time it starts so that you can have a good look around the vehicles you are interested in.

In addition to mechanically check both the outside of the vehicle for any damage and that the tyres are not below the legal limit and inside to make sure that things are in good condition inside. Is the seating and bedding in good condition, are the kitchen appliances working and are any ensuite facilities fine. Make sure that there is no sign of any damp. Make sure there is an HPI check.

When the bidding starts don’t be tempted to go over your budget taking into account ant commission payable to the auctioneer and any repair costs you feel will be incurred.

If you do find and purchase a used campervan at auction make sure that you arrange campervan insurance. In this respect, get in touch with us to obtain a competitive, no-obligation quotation.  


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