Tips To Help Avoid Winter Damage To Your Campervan

Whilst there are a few keen owners of campervans who enjoy holidaying in their campervans throughout the year there are many who, around this time of year, decide to park up their leisure vehicles for the next few months until the spring. That is all well and good but there are certain things that you should consider doing to hopefully ensure that when you do take to the high road in the spring there are no issues when doing so.

For instance, where are you able to store your campervan over the winter? Some of you will be fortunate to be able to drive it to a location where it can be kept indoors but for most owners the likely option is to leave it on your drive. If the later is the case you might like to consider purchasing a breathable cover to go over and around the vehicle to protect it from wind, rain and snow. However, before covering the campervan, give it a good clean and polish.

Frost can result in burst water pipes so it would be prudent to drain all the water from the campervan i.e. from the taps and heating system.

If you have a fridge on board then make sure that it is emptied of food and drinks and is thoroughly cleaned out. Leave the door ajar.

Empty all cupboards of food as well and give them a good clean out. Again, you may wish to consider leaving the cupboard doors open to allow air to move around.

It is important to keep the leisure battery charged so it may be a good idea to take the campervan out and drive it for a few miles every couple of weeks or so.

If you have a toilet on board, make sure that is cleaned and disinfected.

Make sure that the antifreeze in the radiator is at the correct level.

Don’t forget to switch off and disconnect the gas bottle and keep it in a place that is well ventilated.

Chock the wheels, put it in gear and make sure that the handbrake is not on.

We do hope that the above tips are of benefit to you and that when you do return to your campervan in the spring to take you and your family for a weekend break that all is well with it.


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