How Much Are You Paying To Insure Your Campervan?

You may be wandering why we are asking you the above question. Well, a price comparison website has recently published a report showing that car insurance premiums rose by a large amount in Q3 of 2023. So, if premiums have gone up for such vehicles it is quite possible that the same thing has happened for campervan cover.

The Car Insurance Price Index reveals that the average amount paid each year by car owners amounts to £924 per annum in the third quarter of this year. That is a huge increase on the amount motorists were paying 12 months ago.

So, when you receive your renewal notice from the insurance company that is providing your campervan insurance do not just file it away. Study it and see what the insurer intends to charge you for the next year. Unless you are lucky, it is likely you will see a rise in premiums at renewal.

Next, you may wish to get one or more quotes from one or more competitor providers of campervan cover. You can do this in a number of ways such as by picking up the phone to a few, ringing an insurance broker or using the likes of one or more specialist campervan insurance price comparison websites. You could also get in contact with us and we will do all that we can to help you obtain a competitive quote.

You can read the above index on the above website. One or two interesting highlights reveal that the most expensive age to insure for driving a car is an 18 year old with premiums averaging £2,995 per annum and the most expensive region to live in as far as insuring a car is Inner London with premiums averaging £1,503 per annum.  These premiums have gone up quite considerably in the last 12 months. Let us hope that this pattern does not continue going forward. We will continue to keep readers updated with further interesting data.


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